Here you'll find various information about Guilds of Gods. If you're new to the game, below you'll find some helpful general information written by one of the developers. The site currently only has information about skills, but more content is coming.

Getting Started

GoG is an open world MMO with a lot of things to do, so it can be difficult getting a direction. Upon logging into the game, you will see 3 interface bars. The top one is your controls for switching between adventurers. The left one is for user details like chat and game messages. The right is the controls and details for your currently selected adventurer.

Clicking the icon of the bag on the right side bar will open the inventory, which will contain a pickaxe, axe, some coins, and food. You may use these to fight, but it is recommended to get some armour first. You may purchase armour from the store within the nearby town to the top-left, or craft it yourself.

Mining and woodcutting provide a good income, especially when refining the resources gathered. Gathering these resources can be idled by building a construction camp to gather and store a set amount of resources. For now, camps may be used to idle woodcutting, mining, and fishing; other idling features will be added soon.

It's a good idea to get your mining or woodcutting level going, or try thieving from chests to earn your first 10,000 coins. From there, unlock your 2nd adventurer so you may explore while generating an income on your other adventurer.